Synergy HyperV Backup


Segment/Isolate your backups media from Malware 
Force disks to offline after backups.
Become invisible from Ransomware/Viruses/Malware or Malicious Acts.

The problem

Trying to create backup procedures for HyperV that are invisible to malware.

We came across clients’ incidents where a server was infected and all existing backups were deleted on purpose.

The solution

Synergy HyperV Backup is a backup application with some unique features:


  • It runs on the HyperV itself. We do not use an agent to connect to your server. We built the software to run on HyperV. Your backups are 100% segmented/separated/isolated from your VM Servers. Malware cannot infect those backups as there are not accessible


  • Offline disks: You can backup to a disk and then set the disk as offline. Malware cannot even access this disk to infect it

  • You can have a GUI inside HyperV

  • All tasks are performed from within HyperV

  • You can have multiple profiles for your VM backups all from a single form

  • Easily create your schedules from within the application, no need for a command line

  • Compatible with 2012, 2012R2,2016, and 2019 versions

  • Backups are taken online without stopping/pausing your VMs

  • Have up to 9 retention versions of each backup

  • Automatic offline backup after the completion of your first backup

  • Upload your backup to an Amazon S3 bucket

  • Execute script commands before and after your backup execution

  • Send an email after the execution of the backup

Who needs it

System administrators, network administrator , security administrator or any power user who wants to create an extra layer of security from hackers.

Visual Tour

Soon we will publish a public version, meanwhile contact us for further information