Transform Excel to SQL Server


The problem

You have an Excel that you want to import to your database and the data in your Excel form are not normalized. The Excel sheet may contain names of cities, countries, products etc. which are repeated. To import the data into your database you have to manually restructure the data to a relational database in order to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity.

The solution

We created an application called ‘Transform Excel to SQL’. Transform Excel to SQL takes the data from the columns of the Excel sheet, normalizes them and creates SQL Server tables out of them. The end result is a structured and normalized SQL Database. You save time using this software instead of writing custom code.

Who needs this application

Data workers bridging data between departments and different modules of an existing software.
Managers can use this app to transform raw data to meaningful reports using reports designers like SQL Server or MsAccess or Sharepoint.
Marketing department can grab data from a web page, paste to an Excel sheet and load to a database for further process.
Developers can use this Add-In to migrate data from any legacy software.

Visual Tour

Test. Enjoy.


to customize this application according to your organization needs.