Yearly Message Filing


The problem

Too many messages on a single Outlook folder?
Is your Outlook not receiving new messages from the Exchange server or elsewhere?
Are there too many messages and your system is toooooo slow?
You’ve tried both cache and on-line mode and you still cannot get messages?

Outlook has limitations that users can easily exceed. If you have hundreds of thousands of messages under a single folder your system will eventually freeze or crash. New emails could also take forever to appear. We faced the same problem with own our clients.

The solution

We created a new application: “Yearly Message Filling”. It scans your Outlook folders and categorizes the emails by year or year/month under new folders. They are named after the year or the year/month the emails were created. The end result is that emails are now distributed under multiple folders that are not overcrowded with messages. Your Outlook can now run faster again !

Who needs it

Anyone using Microsoft Outlook that ends up with large Folders (Inbox, Sent Items, or other personal folders). Either experiencing problems or not. Use the application to restore Outlook normal functionality and/or avoid future problems. Works with Outlook 2007,2010,2013,2016,2019 32bit and 64bit.

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Test. Enjoy.

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