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The problem

Distributing executable files to desktop users without initially conducting thorough testing with an antivirus engine can lead to a myriad of issues. This is a scenario that unfortunately has been encountered before, and it has presented a host of complications.


In previous instances, applications were unintentionally flagged by free antivirus software, resulting in them being quarantined or outright blocked. This automated protective measure, while intended to keep systems safe, has had the unintended consequence of disrupting the normal operation of our software products.



When an application is put into quarantine by an antivirus program, it is isolated from the rest of the system. The software is rendered inaccessible and unusable, effectively putting it into a state of limbo. This automated process is put in place to prevent any potential harm to the user’s system, on the suspicion that the quarantined application may be malicious. While this system is effective in protecting against real threats, it can also create a false positive situation, where legitimate software – such as ours – is incorrectly identified as a threat.


End users, our valued clients who rely on our software products for their day-to-day tasks, were consequently unable to utilize our services. This posed a significant obstacle not only for their productivity but also for their trust in our products. A situation where a user is unable to access and use a product they have downloaded and installed can lead to frustration and even loss of faith in the provider, which is not an outcome we wish to see.


Therefore, it becomes increasingly clear that bypassing a crucial step such as testing our software with an antivirus engine before distribution can have serious implications. It not only affects the operability of our products but also negatively impacts the end-user experience and our reputation as a software provider. Therefore, it is of top importance that we conduct comprehensive antivirus checks on all our software products before they are distributed to ensure best usability and user satisfaction.


When we take the initial step to upload an application to a site like Virus Total and have it thoroughly checked, it dramatically reduces the likelihood of it being falsely flagged as unsafe. This step is crucial as it prevents users from being unnecessarily alarmed or hindered by a false warning about potential safety issues.


What’s more, there’s a broader impact of using a service like Virus Total. Antivirus applications frequently communicate with each other and share information about potential threats. This means that if an application is checked and deemed safe by Virus Total, that same verdict will likely be shared among other security apps as well.


In simpler terms, once an application is scanned by Virus Total and found to be clean of any malicious code, this verdict is not only limited to Virus Total. The information is shared across multiple antivirus platforms. As a result, the application is recognized as safe by other security applications, reinforcing its safety status and ensuring users will be able to access and use the application without any unnecessary interruptions or concerns about safety.


However the process of uploading our software products to Virus Total for verification is not only labor-intensive, but it also consumes a significant amount of time. This is particularly the case when a project includes multiple files.


As developers, we must take into account the painstaking and time-consuming steps that are required for each individual file. Each file necessitates its unique session of upload on the browser, and this is a task that we must attend to manually.


Firstly, there’s the matter of opening a new tab in the browser and navigating to the Virus Total website. Following this, we need to select the particular file for upload and initiate the process. While the file uploads, we are essentially left in a state of limbo, as it’s crucial to ensure that the upload session isn’t interrupted. Once the file is successfully uploaded, we then have to patiently wait for the file to be analyzed and for the results to be generated. Only after the completion of this entire process can we move on to the next file.


In essence, this repetitive process demands both our attention and patience, as we must sequentially handle each file, wait for its successful upload, and then wait further for its analysis to be completed. It can be quite the bottleneck in our workflow, slowing down our overall productivity.

The solution


We’ve developed a user-friendly application to simplify and automate this process. You can now utilize our application, SynergyVTUploader, to conveniently upload your files to Virus Total. The application operates in the background, allowing you to continue with your other tasks uninterrupted. Once the scan and analysis are complete, you can easily review the results and decide on the next course of action based on those findings.


When you use our application to submit your files to Virus Total, you’re doing more than just safeguarding your own software; you’re also playing a significant role in enhancing global IT security standards.


Virus Total frequently updates its malware signatures based on information provided by antivirus companies worldwide. As a result, when you use SynergyVTUploader, you’re benefiting from the most current signature sets, all without the need for constant updates.


SynergyVTUploader is designed to handle the heavy lifting for you. With a simple click, the application can automatically upload any file or group of files you wish to Virus Total for checking.


The only action required on your part is a one-time registration for a free API key from Virus Total. You can do this by clicking here to join us. Once you have your API key, you just need to copy it and paste into the APIkey.txt file, which is included in the zip file provided. After this, you are all set to start uploading your files for scanning. Let SynergyVTUploader simplify the process for you while contributing to a safer digital world.


• No installation needed

• Saving time by automatically uploading your products to Virus Total

• Upload multiple files

• Upload whole folder with files

• No need for manually locally updating AV Engine

• Runs through CMD or Batch file

• Can be added directly to your code editor

• Upload to VT without the need of a browser

• The only FREE Windows product that automates the VT upload procedure


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