synergy virus total uploader


The problem

Uploading our software products to Virus Total for checking, takes a lot of effort and time. Especially if a project consists of multiple files. We as developers have to use a browser every time and wait for each upload to finish before sending the next one.

The solution

We created a simple application that automates this process. You can now upload your files to VT via our application and let it run in the background. When it’s finished you can review the results and proceed accordingly.

By submitting your files via SynergyVTUploader and therefore to Virus Total you are contributing to raise the global IT security level.

Malware signatures are updated frequently by Virus Total as they are distributed by antivirus companies, this ensures that SynergyVTUploader uses the latest signature sets without the need of updates.

SynergyVTUploader can automatically upload to Virus Total any file(s) you want and does all the work for you with with just a click.

All you have to do by yourself is register for a free API key at VirusTotal – Join us (Click Here)  , copy and paste it to the APIkey.txt file (included in the zip file) just once and you are ready to upload your files for check.

• No installation needed

• Saving time by automatically uploading your products to Virus Total

• Upload multiple files

• Upload whole folder with files

• No need for manually locally updating AV Engine

• Runs through CMD or Batch file

• Can be added directly to your code editor

• Upload to VT without the need of a browser

• The only FREE Windows product that automates the VT upload procedure


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