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Synergy USA LLC was founded in 2013 with experience that dates back to 1989. Our expertise includes various ranges of customized software. The goal of our company is to provide software that will simplify your day-to-day business activity, so you can focus on your core business needs and boost profitability.


We are a client-driven group of IT professionals, committed to providing you with the best possible software available.We seek to build trusted relationships with our clients, providing custom software solutions for simple to complex needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Our team provides the professional expertise needed to develop an integrated technology solution. Together we offer a comprehensive set off aptitudes to help our clients quickly achieve the maximum benefits from their technology.

Beginning in early 2023, we are incorporating artificial intelligence into our current applications. Check our A.I. page.

What we do


Every day  our clients and ourselves, as users of computers and software, we come across with problems that we just wished there was a smarter solution.


We build software based on those problems and needs.


We make those products available to you, so you can focus on your work and save time and money of course.


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fighting the cybersecurity war

The rapidly changing ecosystem of digital connectivity has presented many challenges to industry, organizations, and the government.

We build smart tools to protect the most important asset: Business Continuity

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Pixa Voice: Using AI to transform Speech into Text and Text into Speech (and many more) for Everyone, just for cents or even for Free!

Leverage OpenAI API tools to generate text and speech, create summaries and analyses, and access a variety of video and audio resources to support your projects.
For Free and on ‘Pay as You Go’ Biling method.
No more expensive OnLine/Cloud services, use your own computer.

RansomSaver For Outlook

RansomSaver is a unique 100% free, full feature, ad-free application that works on top of Outlook (Add-In) and protects you from emails that carry ransomware attachments. It will make sure every email you open does not contain any potential malware. It works on versions Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & Outlook for Office 365 and Computers newer than Windows XP. It works on both Outlook versions 32 bit and 64 bit.

RansomSaver scans for all latest potential dangerous attachments (not blocked by Outlook). It also searches for dangerous executable signatures inside archived files, without opening them. If there is a positive alarm, the email is moved to the ‘RansomSaver’ folder under your ‘Deleted Items’. In case of a false positive you can still move the email back to your inbox.

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SaveMe! is a Word Add-In application that automatically creates multiple backups of your opened Word Documents. Never lose your work again!

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Spectrum Monitor

Spectrum Monitor is a Freeware, easy-to-use, simple but powerful activity monitor that can help you to keep track of how your company’s, school’s or home’s computers are being used.Spectrum Monitor captures screen and stores image files.


For each image the date and time captured are stored, so you can see who is doing what, when and for how long. Multiple screenshots can be quite useful in tracking activities of interest, such as long social network usage, chat conversations, games played etc.


Spectrum Monitor stores images on your PC and does not send your data to the cloud. It does not have the ability to capture passwords or keystrokes.

Documents Automation

International Insurance Brokers is a typical Marine Insurance Broker company. Numerous documents were created every day.
However it was almost impossible to locate a previously saved document. Each user was following his own template/saving policy and there were cases where users were even saving documents on their computer’s desktop. Different templates were also used by users, giving a non consistent “picture” of our client. It was of course extremely difficult searching for documents by client, vessel name, bank etc

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Procurement Purchasing

  • Monitoring of Spares, Provisions and Stores from within the same application.
  • Monitoring of all stages involved in the Purchasing Cycle, Requisition, Quotations, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, Budget.
  • Historical view of item prices. During the entry of a new Order the user has the ability to view the purchasing history of a specific item. More specifically, the user can view how many times in the past this item was purchased by a specific vessel, who were the suppliers and at what price this item was purchased for.
  • Option to use existing spares libraries and the ISSA 91 (25,000 items) or ISSA 94 (33,000 items) catalogues or IMPA catalogue.

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