SaveMe! How to Never Lose Another Document Again



SaveMe How to Never Lose Another Document Again

In our team, we faced a daunting challenge that almost cost us weeks of hard work. It began like any other project, with tight deadlines and the pressure to deliver high-quality results. Our team was working tirelessly, with documents being updated, revised, and shared at a frenetic pace. As the project’s deadline loomed closer, the unthinkable happened—a sudden power outage swept through the office late one evening, leaving us in darkness and our computers abruptly shut down.


The next morning, the sense of panic was intense. Years of experience had taught us that even with auto-save features, not all documents recover well after such incidents. Our worries were not unfounded; upon rebooting our systems, we discovered that several critical documents appeared to be either lost or reverted to versions from days ago. The thought of redoing all that work was overwhelming.


That’s when “SaveMe!” came to our rescue. Unknown to some of the newer team members, we had implemented this application across our network a few months prior. “SaveMe!” was designed to automatically save documents without interrupting our work, giving each unnamed document a default name and saving versions of all documents for weeks or even months. With just a press of ‘Alt-A’, we could take extra time-stamped backups, and searching for these backups was a breeze, allowing us to filter by period—today, yesterday, last week, this month, and so on.


The real test came when we needed to recover our work post-power failure. By pressing ‘Alt-Q’, we quickly found the backups of our current documents. To our relief, “SaveMe!” had saved versions of our documents right up to the moment the power went out. We could easily compare the current documents with previously saved backups, and even roll back from a corrupted document. This feature was a lifesaver, enabling us to recover all our work without missing a beat.


Moreover, “SaveMe!” removed the need to manually ‘Save As…’ to keep a copy of our documents. It automatically performed backups only when changes were detected, ensuring our most recent work was always secured. And for any document that had been inadvertently overwritten, “SaveMe!” had a version saved.


As we removed older and unnecessary backups from our system to free up space, we reflected on the crisis averted. “SaveMe!” not only saved our project but also reinforced the importance of having a robust backup system in place. It was compatible with various Office versions and Windows operating systems, making it an invaluable tool for our diverse tech environment.


The incident became a testament to “SaveMe!” effectiveness and a story we often recount to emphasize the importance of preparedness and the right tools in safeguarding our work.

SaveMe! is a Word Add-In application that automatically creates multiple backups of your opened Word Documents. Never lose your work again!

  • Automatically saves your documents without any interruption.
  • Automatically names your unnamed documents and saves them for you.
  • Keeps versions of all saved documents for weeks/months.
  • Takes extra time-stamped backups on demand, by just pressing ‘Alt-A.
  • Easily search for SaveMe! backups based on period like: Today, yesterday, last week, this month etc.
  • Quickly find your current documents’ backups by pressing ‘Alt-Q’.
  • Compare your current document with previously saved backups.
  • Roll back from a corrupted document.
  • Quickly recover your work after a power failure.
  • No need to manually ‘Save As…’ a document any more in order to keep a copy.
  • Find versions of a document even if it was overwritten by your amendments.
  • Easily remove older and not needed SaveMe! backups from your computer.
  • Automatic backups are performed only when there is a change in your document.
  • Compatible with: Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021, 365 – Windows XP to Windows 11 
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FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

SaveMe! keeps separate backups of your documents in unique folders. Those backups can go back months of usage. SaveMe! will also name your unsaved document, further protecting you from lost work. It will also show changes from a backup with your current document using native comparison features. You can even create multiple Timestamped backups on demand. SaveMe! will automatically create a full Backup Document Management System on your computer.

We support Version 2007 and later.

Yes it does. Backups are stored on your computer even if documents are accessed from a network, server etc

SaveMe! will automatically backup only when there is a change since the previous backup. A change is defined as a typed character or a deleted section but not a formatting change.

Yes we can customize SaveMe! for your specific needs. Please use our contact form.

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