The problem

The concept originated from a client’s requirement for a specialized software capable of generating thousands of QR codes. These QR codes were intended for application on fire extinguishers, serving a critical role in safety management. The uniqueness of each QR code was paramount; it was essential that every code could encode distinct information pertinent to the fire extinguisher it was attached to. This information included crucial details such as the expiration date of the extinguisher, ensuring users could easily access up-to-date safety information.



The functionality of the software extended beyond mere generation of QR codes; it facilitated the creation of a unique web page accessible through the scanning of each QR code. Upon scanning, individuals would be directed to a web page that displayed relevant information about that specific fire extinguisher. This innovative approach not only streamlined the management of safety equipment but also enhanced the accessibility of vital information, thereby significantly improving maintenance checks and safety protocols.

The solution


We’ve developed a cool new tool called “Synergy QR Code Maker.” Imagine being able to make as many QR codes as you want, and the cool part? You can do it right inside your Microsoft Word program, just like you’re working on a regular document. This means you can use all the familiar tools in Word to tweak and change your document however you like.


This tool is a special add-on for Word, made just for Windows users. It’s designed to make your life easier by automatically generating lots of QR codes that link directly to your own website. Each QR code can have a unique number at the end of its web address, like a special code that tells you which QR code it is.


Here’s what it does: let’s say you have a website, The Synergy QR Code Maker can quickly create a bunch of QR codes for you, each one leading to a page on your website but with a unique number at the end. So, you might end up with QR codes that take people to:

– All the way up to something like


And guess what? You can make these QR codes appear on different sizes of paper or labels because this tool lets you choose from a bunch of sizes like A0, A1, A2, A3, and even provides a sample label template. But if you need something specific, you can pick any label template Word has to fit what you’re looking for. Plus, you can make the QR codes any size you need.


If you’re just testing the waters, our free version lets you create up to 100 QR codes every day. But if you’re thinking, “I need more!” you can get the unlimited version. Just hit us up through our contact form, and we’ll sort you out.

Who needs it

Anyone that needs to create large numbers of custom QR Codes that include URL links that point to a unique web page.

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