synergy dynamic qr code maker


The problem

The idea came when a client needed software that could create thousands of QR codes, so they could  stick them on fire extinguishers. Each QR code needed to be unique, so it could contain information like the expiration date of each fire extinguisher.

By scanning each QR Code a unique web page could be opened with relevant information.

The solution

We created a new application: “Synergy QR Code Maker”. It creates unlimited DYNAMIC QR Codes by using your Microsoft Word application as a canvas. This allows you to edit the document like a normal Word document with all the tools that Microsoft Word provides.

Synergy QR Code Maker is a Windows Word Add-in.

An application that automates the creation of multiple QR Codes that point to your own web page providing a serial number as a parameter.

The application will quickly create QR Codes like:

QR Code Maker uses Microsoft Word as its canvas. You can select from multiple page sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3 and a label template sample. You can, of course, insert any Word built-in label template that suits your needs. The QR Code size can be customized to meet your dimensions.

The free version of the application will allow you to create up to 100 QR Codes per day. If you prefer to get an unlimited version, please contact us via our Contacts form.

Who needs it

Anyone that needs to create large numbers of custom QR Codes that include URL links that point to a unique web page.

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