Anyone using Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails will find our application extremely useful. RansomSaver works on the following versions of Outlook: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
Every time you click on an email that contains attachments, RansomSaver will perform a scan to see if the attachment includes a potential threat to your system. After scanning it will try to remove the infection and report back to you.
As an IT services provider we were overwhelmed by the problems that our own clients faced. Current antiviruses do not offer 100% protection against ransom ware attacks, so we were forced to create an application to protect our own business and clients from such threats.
No it’s not an antivirus, it’s a tool that will try to protect you from a specific type of malware called Ransom ware.
No, our application is a first line of defense against Ransom ware. It cannot assist on recovering your hacked/encrypted documents or pictures. In order to be protected you will need  to keep separate off line back ups of your files, enable shadow copy and use your computer with a logged user that does not have full administrative access rights on your hard disk. Please contact us through the web site if you need consultancy on protection and how you can try to recover your encrypted files.
Periodically we collect information such as the version of RansomSaver that you use and the number of threats that were removed by our application. The purpose of this is to help us offer you a better product. We display this info on this nice map : http://www.synergy-usa-llc.com/ransomsaver-onmap.html
You can temporarily disable the scan protection using the Options form,  however make sure that you re-enable it as soon as possible. Malware can easily be mistaken for legitimate email.
.ace, .arj , .application , .bat , .cmd , .com , .cpl , .dll , .docm , .dotm , .exe , .gadget , .hta , .inf , .jar , .js , .jse , .lnk , .mdb , .mde , .msc , .msh , .msi , .msp , .pif , .potm , .ppam , .ppsm , .pptm , .ps , .ps1 , .ps2 , .psc , .reg , .scf , .scr , .shs , .sldm , .vb , .vbe , .vbs , .ws , .wsc , .wsf , .wsh , .xlam , .xlsm , .xltm
It is completely free. We dont plan to charge any fee. We know it's difficult to please everyone on the internet. We prefer to increase our company's popularity instead.
Whenever there is an update, RasomSaver will ask you to download and run the new version setup.  You will need to have administrator access to your computer. Please do open Outlook while setup of update is running. Update checking is perfomed when you open your Outlook.





Open the options form and type an email that will receive a warning when our application removes a malware. You can select the time of the day to send those reports.
Yes we can customize a special version to meet your needs.
Make sure that you keep RansomSaver updated. We will be constantly monitoring for new threats and will be amending/updating the application accordingly.
Yes we plan to add more attachment types. Ransom ware is a digital crime business that creates big revenues so it will be constantly evolving as will we to face this threat.
We scan inside .zip and .rar and the usual suspect extensions.
Yes please! Let us know, we might be able to implement them and include them in the next version.
RansomSaver needs .Net  4.0 and it can work in Outlook 2007 on Windows XP SP3 and above. Every other component needed will be installed automatically by our setup application.


Scanning of large attachments takes longer but its only happening once. RansomSaver knows if an email is scanned or not so the next time you will click on it, it will not scan it again.
Go to RansomSaver Tab or Toolbar and open Options.Type your email and click the Send button to receive a harmless email. If everything is OK it will be scanned and placed under the RansomSaver folder in your Default Deleted Items folder. Unfortunately if you are using GMail or any other public email system your test email might not get through, as it might be treated as a real virus.


Something is wrong and RansomSaver will not work. Make sure you have downloaded the correct version for your Outlook. You cannot install the 32bit version on a 64bit version Outlook. If you need more assistance use our Support form


The default scanner removes nested zip or rar attachments. It can be bypassed. Please use our Support Form for more.



Synergy USA llc does not hold any liability regarding any loss of email and/or data that may occur due to the usage of RansomSaver. By using RansomSaver you agree to the above statement.