Hafnium Hack – How to run the patches, with simple detailed instructions.

Hafnium Hack – How to run the patches, with simple detailed instructions.

Why make such a “How to”? 
Because all articles we found so far, talk about what to do, but none shows how to do it.

So let’s start.



Before you can apply the “.msb” patch you need to have the latest CU already installed!

3. run your Exchange patch

After the CU is installed then you can run your Exchange patch.

4. Block suspicious IPs

According to Cisa.gov, a number of servers were reported as suspicious: https://us-cert.cisa.gov/ncas/alerts/aa21-062a

  • 103.77.192[.]219
  • 104.140.114[.]110
  • 104.250.191[.]110
  • 108.61.246[.]56
  • 149.28.14[.]163
  • 157.230.221[.]198
  • 167.99.168[.]251
  • 185.250.151[.]72
  • 192.81.208[.]169
  • 203.160.69[.]66
  • 211.56.98[.]146
  • 5.254.43[.]18
  • 5.2.69[.]14
  • 80.92.205[.]81
  • 91.192.103[.]43

For extra security we decided to block  the above IPs both for WAN and LAN traffic (incoming and outgoing connections) into our firewall.

After some hours we noticed WAN traffic coming in from those IPs: It seems they tried to see if the Exchange server was still available for whatever they intended to do..

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