What does ransomware look like

See below for some examples:

Please do not consider opening the attachment !!!


A compressed attachment containing a script to infect you with a Ransomware.




An Excel attachment that contains a script to infect your computer. This is a very tricky one. You might think its real but it's not.




A word attachment that includes scripts with document content. It's easier to identify. Why would you expect a document with a script in it? So please don't open. You can even receive it from a known recipient. Be double carefull.




Looks like a normal Word document, but it contrains script to infect your computer. Don't open.




 Easy to tell that it's a malware. A zip attachment contraining an executable file. It's a 100% malware.




This is a rich text format document. It's an older version of Word documents but it still be opened by modern Word. It might contain a malware script.




The hardest possible case. An attachment with a Word document containing a script to encrypt your documents and pictures.
Very difficuly to tell if it's a malware or not.




An ace attachment that contains an executable file. Although its an old format it can still be opened by modern decompress software.




 A double zip file, one inside the other. The second zip has a script that carries the infection.




Arj files are compressed files used In MSDOS before year 2000. But they can still be opened by modern decompress utilities. An executable infection waits...




Who would expect that ! A PDF file that contains a Word document, which has macro commands to infect you !



A partial Rar file. It's used to break large rar file in parts like: .r00, .r01, .r02, .rar In our case it's a RansomWare of course. Which looks very real too ! A ship received it while at sea via satellite communication.




Extension .xz . It's an archive file that seems to be opened by 7zip. This one looks very realistic. Don't open...


iso ransomware 
An ISO file attachment that can be opened by your compression utility. It contains the RansomWare application.



7-Zip is a free open source compression application that is widely used. It can be used to trick your antiviris or firewall system.