No. Spectrum Monitor does not capture the keyboard or steals any other data from your computer such as passwords, settings, cookies, etc. It's code is clean and will not trigger your Antivirus/AntiSpyware software
Yes. Users will have no indication that they are being monitored. The Agent does not appear in the Add/Remove programs.
It is so lightweight that you will not notice any difference in your PCs performance.
No Spectrum Monitor stores data just in your PC. It does not send anything to our servers.
Spectrum Monitor captures and stores multiple screenshots so you can see who is doing what, when and for how long.
Yes, we have a professional version that does not have the freeware auto picture delete of two days limitation and can save on a network shared folder. Please use the Contact form to send a request.
The screenshots are saved under C:\Windows\Screens folder.


Spectrum monitor does not have the ability to capture passwords or keystrokes.
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You have seen yourself what has been stollen from the Cloud so far: pictures, videos, personal data, intellectual property. Even the biggest organizations had incidents. Would you feel safe to have your personal data on a server on the Cloud ? We believe that there is no 100% protection of data when it comes to the Cloud, especially when it has to do with enterprise data.
Yes! Please use the Contact form to send us your details and learn more.
We do have a solution! We can give you the full source code and show/assist you compiling the application using Microsoft Visual Studio Express-free version. Having the source code guarantees that you have 100% control of the application. Please contact us.