Quick Start

Open Options for versions later than Outlook 2010 :



Or for Outlook 2007 :



  • Remove Attachment (2) : Removes just the attachment containing a suspicious file. Not recommended as you will have a recovery option.

  • Remove Email (3) : Moves the suspicious file to a special folder (7) named as RansomSaver under your default 'Deleted Items' folder.

  • Disable Scan... (4) : Temporarily dissables scanning of emails. This option will be automatically set to Off the next time you will restart your Outlook.

  • Don't Scan Deleted... (5) : Leave this option on, unless you want your suspicious files to be scanned from 'Deleted Items' folder as well. You will not have any further option to recover an email after that.

  • Send a test email... (6) : Type your email address to receive a harmless test email just to test that RansmSaver works. This is not a virus. It's just an executable application that display 'Hello world' but enough to trigger the scanner. When you click on this test email it will be removed to the special folder named as 'RansomSaver' under your default 'Deleted Items' folder.


How to check Current Folder for Ransomware :



 Click the 'Check Current Folder...' (1) to check the currently selected folder. If you want to re-scan all items set option (2) to On.



How to Check Today's log files :





Log files are stored in the following location :

C:\Users\[Your user name here]\AppData\Local\Synergy USA llc\RansomSaver4\Logs




Synergy USA llc does not hold any liability regarding any loss of email and/or data that may occur due to the usage of RansomSaver. By using RansomSaver you agree to the above statement.